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Communicate With Developers Available for Pre-order

We’re finally getting somewhere! I’ve written large parts of the course, I’ve recorded some of it, and now I need your help to get this thing off the ground! “How to Communicate with Developers” is my course on… well, how to communicate with developers (and other technical staff) It’s a course I’ve been working on for the last few months, and I’m thrilled to announce that the course is available for pre-order at the Intelligence Kit Website.


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Should Software Be That Scary?

Fear of the not-every-day Placing your fate in someone elses hands is a scary thing, say, having surgery. Placing your car in the hands of a mechanic is perhaps not as scary, but still a bit intimidating. Eating a dish of chili prepared by someone else is… meh. We do that every day, and it’s really no big deal. Why is it that we worry about certain things more than others?


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