Bowl of pasta

Effective Pasta Cooking Is Ineffective

As developers, we are constantly bombarded with new tools, programming languages, libraries, and frameworks. Many, if not most, claim pretty much the same thing: They want to make us more effective as a developers. If you are a web devloper in particular you know about this problem. The number of tools and frameworks hitting the market in the Javascript world has been frying our minds for years at this point, and it may finally show some sign of slowing down, if only a little.


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Antique wooden crate

Your Opportunities Are Not the Same as Mine

Sometime last week I stumbled over Curiosity Incorporated’s Youtube Channel. And I’m not the only one. Alex Archbold, the creator behind the channel, currently gains more than 1000 new subscribers to his channel every day. Not bad for a channel about an antique store in Edmonton, Canada. But it’s well deserved. Alex and his family are great on camera, and they make very entertaining videos about all things related to owning and running an antique store.


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Stack of papers

Communicate With Developers Available for Pre-order

We’re finally getting somewhere! I’ve written large parts of the course, I’ve recorded some of it, and now I need your help to get this thing off the ground! “How to Communicate with Developers” is my course on… well, how to communicate with developers (and other technical staff) It’s a course I’ve been working on for the last few months, and I’m thrilled to announce that the course is available for pre-order at the Intelligence Kit Website.


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Light bulbs out of focus

A Few Changes to the Blog

I’ve made a few changes to the blog lately. Most notably I’ve updated the design. I’m now using a new theme, based on Aether. But other than that, I’ve also chosen to remove the ad banners. They made the posts ugly and difficult to read, and the meager revenue I made from it was not worth the drawbacks. One thing that is back, though, is the e-mail collection service. If you like any of the posts on this blog, I would REALLY appreciate if you signed up on my list.


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Old and new phones

Forty years behind - or just a heartbeat

“Did you know that 60% of the earth’s population still haven’t made their first phone call?” I don’t know when I first heard that claim, but it must have been sometime in the eighties or early nineties. Surely, the number was already old by then, but I’ve since heard it repeated several times, and long past its due date. I’m also not sure what the moral of such a statement should be, but I guess it’s meant to highlight the vast differences of standards between… uhm… us and them?


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Should Software Be That Scary?

Fear of the not-every-day Placing your fate in someone elses hands is a scary thing, say, having surgery. Placing your car in the hands of a mechanic is perhaps not as scary, but still a bit intimidating. Eating a dish of chili prepared by someone else is… meh. We do that every day, and it’s really no big deal. Why is it that we worry about certain things more than others?


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Race from the Bottom, or Raise to the Top

Not long ago I moved back to the town I grew up in, and the (unfortunately mandatory) issue of home security and burglar alarm had to be solved. This is one of few cases where the goal is not necessarily to win, but to work yourself up from the bottom. You may not have to keep up with the very best of the Joneses, but you have to be slightly ahead of the worst.


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SootSafe Logotype

SootSafe landing page is live

The pre-launch landing page for is live! Check it out! Right now, it is available in Swedish only, for the simple reason that I’m trying to determine the level of interest on the Swedish market. If enough interest is shown, I hope to offer an English version soon. SootSafe is aimed at constructors, fire engineers, ventilation technicians and others who need a simple yet powerful tool to do flow calculations in duct and ventilation systems.


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Power lock

Your divine powers end here

The following anecdote is one of my favorites. If you’ve seen me give a talk involving management, chances are you’ve heard this story. And I will continue to repeat it until this behavior is dead and gone. Most likely, that means forever. So please forgive me for the repetition. Ineffective and inefficient One of my first assignments after I graduated was to assemble and analyse data about the then-new 3G network of one of the national operators.



Splined tool

If I had a hammer… Or maybe a saw

In Stephen King’s On Writing there is a passage where King describes his grandfather’s toolbox. The toolbox in question is a big and heavy piece, and yet the grandfather brings the entire thing with him whenever he is faced with a task that may, or may not, require him to use one of his tools. The reasoning is that he does not know beforehand which tools he will have to use to get the job done.


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