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On Matt-bombing

About the term coined by Scott Berkun in his book 'The Year Without Pants'. Don't leave your colleagues hanging.



Essentials for getting things done

On Burnout - Part 3

Third and final post in my series on burnout


#Burnout #Hustle-Culture #Work-Life-Balance

Burnout [Olympus Trip 35]

On Burnout - Part 2

The second post in my series on burnout


#Burnout #Hustle-Culture #Work-Life-Balance

Old filing cabinets. All gone now

On Burnout - Part 1

The first post in a series of three on burnout


#Burnout #Hustle-Culture #Work-Life-Balance

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I Briefly Skimmed Your Profile

On how strange it is that some people are expected to do their due diligence, and others cannot be bothered.



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Effective Pasta Cooking Is Ineffective

Sometimes, we focus on the trees, when we should be looking for the forest


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Your Opportunities Are Not the Same as Mine

We can be inspired by others. But trying to blindly copying someone else may lead to some unfortunate results


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Light bulbs out of focus

A Few Changes to the Blog

Some details on the blog update



Old and new phones

Forty years behind - or just a heartbeat

How we became a much more equal world, and we are all better off.


#Technologicaladvancement #Phones #Progress


Should Software Be That Scary?

Why software development can be scary, and what we can do about it.


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