Black and white photo of old tractor

Just the tractor, please

Sometimes you have to marvel at the wonderful advances in technology. Just compare the latest versions of iPhone and Android with the first versions that came out in 2007. Or its predecessors, that had a battery life of a week or more, and that you could drop from any height, with your only concern being that it would break whatever it landed on. Other than that, it was of course inferior in any way possible.


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Photo of old time switchboard

The ghost of switchboard operators past

Let’s say you work in software development. Because chances are that you do if you read this post. (If you don’t, please read on, by all means) You’re given an assignment to integrate two business systems, moving data from one to the other. It’s one of the most common tasks in our industry. All good! After a few days work you install the solution on a server and expect to be rewarded with gold and diamonds.


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Photo of steamy thermometer

Aiming for the Pragmatic Goldilocks Zone

So, where are you on the bruteforce-perfection scale? Is that a strange question? Maybe. Let’s elaborate. When we think of skill and productivity, we tend to think of a single axis, ranging from “illiterate moron” to “Einstein++”. The further to the right you are on this axis, the better you are at your craft. If we were to add another dimension to this, it may contain some “soft” qualities, like personality traits and such.


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Photo of keyboard

Trollmoj Entertainment is in the blogosphere!

Hello and welcome. I’m proud and excited to write the very first blog post for Trollmoj Entertainment. It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally live. Here, you can expect to find news and updates on what is going on in the world of trollmoj, but the main focus will be on you; the reader. I will provide tips, tricks and thoughts on various subjects that should relate to you and your well-being.


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