Race from the Bottom, or Raise to the Top

On why we sometimes need to be best in class, and sometimes we just need to not be last.


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SootSafe Logotype

SootSafe landing page is live

SootSafe is live


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Power lock

Your divine powers end here

A post about how titles, status and wishful thinking will not change the way the world actually works



Splined tool

If I had a hammer… Or maybe a saw

Why a larger toolbox is almost always better. Especially if it does not weigh anything.


#Toolbox #Versatility

Black and white tractor

Just the tractor, please

Why ideas and concepts are more important than products or brands


#Development #Entrepreneurship #Technology

Old time switchboard

The ghost of switchboard operators past

Why we can't expect to keep old business ideas running after they've gone obsolete


#Economy #Technology

Steamy thermometer

Aiming for the Pragmatic Goldilocks Zone

On how finding a middle way can be benefitial in much of what we do in life, software development is one such area


#Balance #Development #Pragmatic

Computer keyboard

Trollmoj Entertainment is in the blogosphere!

Initial post on how is now online!


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